Principal’s Welcome

Dear members of the John Paul College Family,

As the incoming Principal of our fine College, I warmly welcome you to 2018 at John Paul College. I look to our ongoing families to provide support to our many incoming families as we enjoy and work through the year together, in support of our students.

We know that parent and broader family involvement in the life of each individual student, makes a difference to the manner in which he or she integrates into school life and also has an impact on their academic outcomes. Parents who are interested and engaged in their child’s schooling, assist in supporting that young person to get the best out of their schooling journey. As a College, we want to partner with you to ensure that your child or children, take full advantage of the extensive opportunities offered by the College and that they embrace the academic life of our school, with energy, focus and commitment.

We are a College that is serious about academic outcomes for each child. We are serious about ensuring that every student has a viable academic pathway that leads to post school study or the workplace. We are also serious about their embracing the full and rich life of the College. Co-curricular activities are extensive at John Paul College and offer every student an opportunity to find his or her place.

What we are most serious about though, is assisting each young person in our care to be the best they can be. We want each boy and girl; each young adult, to leave our College equipped with life skills which include a care for each other and our world and with a genuine desire to make a difference. We want them to be authentic young people who demonstrate responsibility and respect for others.

I look forward to sharing the year with you as we progress our Mission as an holistic, connected, dynamic and innovative learning community.


Mrs Karen Spiller OAM