Our School Captains

Being granted the opportunity to accept the responsibility of a position such as John Paul College school captains for 2017 is a tremendous privilege. Between us, we have an amassed 28 years of schooling at John Paul College and thus a great passion for the culture and outcomes of the school. We are very excited to serve, assist and improve the very school that has raised us from such a young age. During our time at John Paul College, we have been guided to grow and develop as young adults through the various opportunities and activities that have been presented to us throughout our College career.

In 2017, we, along with our Vice Captains, Prefects and the leaders that are the Year 12 cohort, will strive to maintain and uphold John Paul’s prestigious standards, whilst also providing a youthful perspective to the College culture and environment. We aim to unify all aspects of the College to ensure that each member of the John Paul Family is welcome and unique, through the practise of ideals such as mutual respect, unity and enthusiasm.

As 2017 marks our final year of schooling, we are ready to embrace challenges and opportunities alike, and invite others to do the same.

We wish the entire John Paul College family a fulfilling and successful year and encourage all students to be the best that they can be.

Grace and Zach