State and Commonwealth Reporting


John Paul College Limited is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and incorporated under the Corporations Act. Every parent or guardian of a student attending the College is eligible to apply to be a member of John Paul College Limited. The College is completely independent, which allows for great flexibility in our operation.

Our College is governed by a Board of Directors which is elected by members of John Paul College Limited and administered by the Principal. The Board is responsible for appointing the Principal, setting strategic policy, protecting College assets and approving operating budgets. Election of the Directors to the Board occurs once a year at the Annual General Meeting.

The John Paul College Ltd Financial Report 2016 is available to all members of John Paul College.


Government Reporting

By law, our College is obliged to publish State Reporting Requirements which outline performance measures for the College, its teaching staff and students. Click John Paul College schools reporting 2017 for 2018  to download.



The College publishes NAPLAN data, however we caution parents to remember that children do not grow by being measured. They grow by being nurtured and encouraged in a rich learning environment, supported by qualified and skilled professionals who care about them as individuals and understand their particular learning needs. To compare schools on the basis of NAPLAN data alone lacks validity.