SOPA Scholarships

John Paul College School of Performing Arts accept applications for Performing Arts Scholarships. Any students demonstrating talent in the Performing Arts field are encouraged to apply.

Reaching peak performance depends on many factors – talent, practice, persistence, confidence and above all, opportunity. With exceptional opportunities in the performing arts, John Paul College gives all students the chance to excel.

Our School of Performing Arts has a far-reaching reputation for outstanding professionalism of our productions and performances.

Through orchestras, concert bands, rock bands, choirs, cheerleading, dance companies, drama productions and visual arts, we nurture talents, practise to perfection and create unforgettable experiences for every student.

For young people with exceptional talents, our programs provide coaching to a professional standard, preparing them to take on the competitive world beyond school.

For further information on how to apply for a Performing Arts Scholarship, please click here.