Student Protection

Protecting our students from harm and the risk of harm is our number one priority and is fundamental to maximising their personal and academic potential.

We expect our students to show respect to our staff and volunteers and to comply with safe practices and we expect all employees to ensure that their behaviour towards and relationships with students reflect proper standards of care for students. We will respond diligently to a report of suspected or actual harm, or risk of harm to a student.

What is the Definition of Harm? 

Queensland legislation defines harm as “any detrimental effect of a significant nature on the student’s physical, psychological or emotional wellbeing.  It is immaterial how the harm is caused”.

Harm can be caused by:

• physical, psychological or emotional abuse or neglect;

• sexual abuse or exploitation; or

• domestic or family violence.


How do we Protect Students from Harm?

We have a comprehensive Child Protection Policy, which covers the actions to be taken if a member of staff or a parent of the College becomes aware or reasonably suspects that harm has been done to a student of the College by other staff, people outside the College or by other students.

What should you do if you become aware or reasonably suspect that harm has been caused to a student of the College by a member of staff, someone outside of the College or by other students?

You should report your concerns to the Principal or the relevant School Head or to any other member of College staff.

What will happen next?

If you report your concerns to a member of staff other than the Principal, the member of staff will report it to the Principal immediately, or if the subject of the complaint is the Principal then the member of staff will report to the Chairman of the College Board.


How will the College help my Child?

The College will do the following to reduce the chance of harm occurring:

  • Ensure that each staff member understands and fulfils their obligations under this Policy and the Policy for Reporting Abuse.
  • Ensure that there is an acceptable reference for each staff member engaged since the commencement of this protocol, from his or her previous employer.
  • Ensure that each staff member and volunteer who has contact with children has a current positive suitability notice issued by the Commissioner for Children and Young People.

If the Principal receives a report of harm to your child, she will support the child by:

  • responding rapidly and diligently to the report
  • reassuring the student
  • protecting the child’s confidentiality as much as possible
  • offering continuous support; and
  • providing counselling if requested.


Our Child Protection Policy

Please download our complete Child Protection Policy and Information for the Protection of Students here. It is also available at the College Administration. Parents and students may have access to this policy at any time. You may also make an appointment to discuss the policy with the Principal if you wish to clarify any matters.