Learning Centres

“The school library’s role in the 21st Century is a place for collaboration, performance, creativity, interactivity and exploration.” (Schibsted, 2005)

The John Paul College Learning Centres are about much more than books. They are a gathering place for our students to explore and debate ideas, and learning hubs with a full range of print and electronic resources that support student achievement.

They encourage exciting and challenging thinking and offer resources and support for a wide range of learners, their inquiry and literary topics.

Our collection is developed to reflect global perspectives and the mother tongue languages of our students.


Noelene Munns Learning Centre and Gorman Learning Commons

The Noelene Munns Learning Centre (for Kindergarten to Year 9) and Gorman Learning Commons (Years 10 – 12) house a comprehensive collection of resources, including curriculum specific fiction and non-fiction resources, recreational reading, class sets, on-line resources and audio-visual materials, staff reference as well as laminating, printing and scanning facilities.

These spaces are designed to be active, adaptable learning spaces, and to provide different experiences to those available to students in their classrooms.

These Learning Centres have a significant impact on learning outcomes because they are supervised by library media specialists who work collaboratively with teachers, to help all students develop a love of reading, become skilled users of ideas and information, and explore the world of print and electronic media resources.


Specialist Learning Centre Staff

Our specialist Learning Centre staff use a web-based library administration system to manage the entire College collection. Advanced features allow our students and staff to search the library catalogue remotely as well as the facility to carry out a federated search of databases, websites and other national and international libraries. They can also personalise their search and have 24/7 access through the secure workspaces.

In addition, each of the teacher librarians maintains a virtual library space which is linked to the Learning Centre homepage and accessible to staff and students 24 hours a day.  The Learning Centre workspaces are designed to appeal to the interests and needs of the targeted age group and have a very different look and feel.

All have links to learning tools, databases and search engines. Our workspaces are enhanced with web 2.0 interactivity and inbuilt digital content.

These busy, active spaces cater for not only the learning needs of our students but provide social spaces where students gather to talk, to play, to read – to discover the many possibilities the spaces can offer.