The Early Years

Making friends in KindyTheir lifetime of learning starts here. Now is the time to ignite their passion.

Starting school is one of life’s milestones and may be your child’s first experience of life beyond the family.

The Early Years can start in our Playgroup or Early Learning Centre and progress through to Kindergarten or Primary School, where our youngest students explore, question, experiment and play.

The primary means of their learning during these years is through play which is meaningful, purposeful and engaging.

To children, play is important.  Each day we provide them with a variety of experiences to be actively involved with their environment.

Central to the philosophy of  these early years is a commitment to each child’s uniqueness and individuality. All the children are accepted as individuals in their own right with personal needs and interests. Such needs are met and interests catered for by sensitive and highly skilled educators within a curriculum which has been designed for each child.