Celebration of Academic Excellence

On Friday, we celebrated the academic success of the first semester of our Secondary School students at the 11th Annual John Paul College Cum Laude and Pro Diligentia Awards Ceremony. These annual awards inspire in our learners, the dedication to achieve and maintain academic excellence.

In true John Paul College spirit, our parents and staff joined with them in celebrating their academic performance and achievement, as we all aim to be the best that we can be.

Six levels of awards were presented – Pro Diligentia (for diligence, industry, perseverance, persistence), cum Laude (with praise), Magna cum Laude (with great praise), Summa cum Laude (with highest praise), Pro Diligentia Obduro, and the prestigious Year 12 award, the Cum Laude Praestantia. This is presented to students who have achieved cum Laude Awards for six consecutive years from Year 7 to Year 12. Congratulations to Mackenzie, Atiyya, Eva, Leticya, Nicola, Jocelyn and Natasha on achieving this honour.

The final presentation of the assembly is the cum Laude Praestantia. Congratulations to School Captain, Grace Ingram on this outstanding accomplishment.

All students awarded have applied themselves to their studies, showcasing their dedication, work ethic and commitment. It is fitting that they are rewarded with their prestigious awards as well as their outstanding grades.

One of the passions of our foundation Principal, Mr Cec Munns was to provide the educational setting within which students can achieve their maximum potential, in a disciplined Christian and caring environment.

His primary aim of the College was to cultivate intellectual values, promoting in the students the integrity, respect for truth, openness to reality and other scholarly virtues, and aiming to provide the students with the mastery of the basic subjects and skills while guiding individuals towards their own levels of achievement. These priorities, which reflect academic rigour, are certainly the same, 35 years later.

We also welcomed our 2018 incoming Principal, Mrs Karen Spiller and would like to thank her for attending this special ceremony in the College calendar. We enjoyed sharing in this celebration of excellence and look forward to her joining the College family officially next year.