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    ​COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)

    The health and safety of all John Paul College students, parents, staff and the wider community is at the heart of all decisions made by JPC. To build a culture of precaution, we have developed a COVID-19 online resource to provide information in caring for your family and our JPC community. 

    Culture of Precaution​

    COVID-19 infections are transmitted in a manner similar to many cases of flu and respiratory illnesses, through droplets in the air from a cough or sneeze. Commons symptoms include fever (37.5 degrees or more​) ​and sore throat. Parents, visitors and contractors are required to have their temperature taken before coming on campus. For any members of the community with a temperature of 37.5 degrees or more, they will be asked to leave the College immediately for the safety of our community. 

    We ask our students to have increased awareness and practice of the following hygiene precautions:

    • Wash ​hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after using the bathroom, before eating, after blowing your nose and after touching public surfaces. If this is not possible, students will be directed to use a hand sanitiser gel. Surfaces and high touchpoints are cleaned regularly by JPC staff to reduce the risk of contamination.
    • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze by using a tissue that you immediately throw into a bin or by covering your face with your elbow (bent arm) if no tissue is available. Do not cough or sneeze into the open air or into your hands. Wash your hands immediately afterwards.
    • In the College, we will practice social distancing (about 1.5m where possible) where practical between all community members.
    • If you have not already done so, please consider getting a flu shot. The flu is an ongoing concern and will become more prevalent as we change seasons.
    • If your child develops flu-like symptoms, please:
      • keep your child at home
      • avoid close contact with others such as touching, kissing or hugging, or any mass gatherings, especially those involving other children
      • see a doctor or contact 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) immediately
      • seek medical advice if your child has other underlying medical conditions
      • call ahead to the medical centre or doctor’s surgery, advising of your child’s symptoms and immediately advise the College.


    Unwell students and their siblings must remain at home and seek medical advice. Students and their siblings cannot return to JPC for classes and any unwell children and their siblings will be sent home.

    If your child/ren or a family member has taken a COVID-19 test, your child/ren must remain at home until the test result is known and medical clearance is provided by a doctor for them to return to the College. Please inform the College immediately if your child/ren have been tested and then inform the College of the test result outcome.

    Please use the standard absence procedures for advising the College of all self-isolation and COVID-19 notifications.

    Increased College Hygiene Measures

    • Signs have been affixed in our Primary School bathrooms to encourage hand-washing and make sure everyone remembers to practice good hand hygiene and illness prevention measures.
    • Hand sanitiser stations will be placed throughout the College in teaching and play spaces.
    • Regular cleaning throughout the day of College facilities with a more concentrated clean at night.
    • Mt Gravatt Bus Services (Translink Services) will also be disinfected regularly following a College - approved cleaning process. Students are encouraged to wash their hands after using any College bus services.

    School Policies

    At this time, our current policy remains in place – a student and their siblings will be sent home if presenting with a fever and is required to stay at home until they are fever-free for 24 hours without medication. Each individual case of illness will need to be evaluated to ensure the health and safety of students, staff, and volunteers, and we have asked our nurses to use their judgment should a child exhibit symptoms they deem concerning, even in the absence of a fever.

    • In the unusual event that a child or staff member is identified to have travelled to an area experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19 and has symptoms of respiratory illness (such as fever and cough), that person will be sent home and required to immediately seek medical assistance.
    • Please refer to the all JPC Handbooks for detailed illness and communicable disease policies.

    COVID-19 Online Resources, Fact Sheets and FAQ documents


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    What specific habits and behaviours are in place for students?

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