Sister Cecily Foster Wellbeing Centre

Sister Cecily Foster Wellbeing CentreThe Sister Cecily Foster Wellbeing Centre consists of our Health Centre, our Counsellors and our Chaplain.

Our vision is to assist every member of the John Paul College family to reach their full health potential which, in turn, will enhance and assist their learning and their ability to enjoy life.


Chaplaincy and Counselling

The Chaplain and our three Counsellors who are registered Psychologists work closely together and with other College staff to provide students, families and staff with the coordinated support they need to lead healthy, fulfilling, productive and responsible lives.

A priority is the support of at risk students, and students with special needs and their families.

The Counsellors also work in collaboration with the Learning Enhancement, Pastoral Care, and Christian Living programmes and provide the John Paul College family with the necessary support to assist them in reaching their individual potential for living.


Health Centre

Our Health Centre is committed to providing diverse and quality holistic health care and our Registered Nurses care for the physical, psychological and emotional health and wellbeing of each student at John Paul College.

It is centrally located on the campus, open daily and staffed by Registered Nurses who provide a high level of care for students and staff who fall ill or are injured during the school day.

In partnership with parents and teachers, the Health Centre assists to enact Individual Health Care Plans which support students with underlying health issues. Each student has a confidential Medical Record completed by parents or guardians on admission, and regular updates ensure the delivery of accurate and current health care.

We adhere to the National School Nursing Professional Practice Standards and our staff demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of School Nursing, incorporating the health and development of our students within a set framework of nursing practice. We have a number of procuedures in place to enable students to access the Health Centre,and these, along with an emergency plan, maximise the security and wellbeing of our students.