Computers & Technology

Information Communication Technology (ICT) supports the curriculum.

Technology is completely integrated into our teaching and learning processes to support the learning needs of students, to help develop their creativity and logical and lateral thinking, to assist with research, and to develop digital and information literacy skills. It is integrated through all key learning aspects at John Paul College.

Our youngest students begin their technology educational journey through the use of interactive whiteboards and access to computers in all Early Learning and Junior Primary classrooms.

Our Year 3 to Year 12 students participate in our well established Notebook Computer Programme and routinely use their own personal notebook computer, as part of their daily school life.

We have a team of IT professionals – Techsphere, who are responsible for the supply, administration and maintenance of the Notebook Computer programme.

Throughout the College, wireless connectivity and a range of printers support the notebook programme while technological resources including electronic whiteboards and data projectors are used in every classroom.