Why is JPC the right choice for my child?

There are many reasons to choose a John Paul College Education.  These include learning, welfare, a balanced education, our ethos and values, the feeling of pride and belonging, our teachers, our environment and our strong strong community.


Do students have to sit an entry test?

We do not ask new students to sit an entry test.  Students are enrolled at the College by means of an interview with the appropriate School College staff who will already have received and read school reports from previous schools attended. These reports offer us an insight into the academic strengths and challenges of each student.


Do you accept applications for enrolment during the academic year and what are your intake year levels?

John Paul College accepts students at all year levels throughout the year and even mid-term, if places are available in the year level required.


Do I need to make a separate application for the Early Learning Centre?

Yes.  The John Paul College Early Learning Centre will require you to complete two separate forms, which are registered according to their date of submission.

If you want your child to enter Primary School (including Kindergarten) and beyond at John Paul College, you will be required to complete a College Application for Enrolment form. Please click here to find out how to enrol.

This is available online or through the Enrolments Office and can be obtained at the same time as the John Paul College Early Learning Centre forms.


Are places available now?

For the latest information on the availability of places, please contact our enrolments staff on +61 7 3826 3333 or via email at enrolments@jpc.qld.edu.au.


Do you operate waiting lists?

There are waiting lists in some year levels and vacancies in others.  However, every application we receive for enrolment is registered by its date of submission and becomes part of our database of prospective families.

At the beginning of the year prior to enrolment, place availability is assessed and our enrolments staff will contact families from our database to determine whether the family still wishes to continue with the enrolment at John Paul College.

Once these replies are received, we arrange an interview for the family and offers of places are made after the interview. If there is not a place available, the student is held on the waiting list. Priority is given to siblings of our current students and children of past students of John Paul College.


John Paul College is a larger school than my child is used to. How will s/he cope with this change?

Although the entire campus at John Paul College is extensive, each student has only a small area of our campus to become familiar with on a daily basis.

Our four schools are Early Learning, Primary School, Middle School and Senior School.  They are geographically separate from each other; yet each is within easy reach of the others and it is easy to move between them. They are really schools within a school. Each school is managed by its own School Head working alongside class and specialist teachers, who are there to listen, guide, inspire and help whenever it is needed.

Our schools are designed to ensure that every student receives the very best individual care and attention, promoting a sense of identity and belonging.


Do you offer scholarships?

As part of our commitment to preparing students for a lifetime of learning, we offer academic and performing arts scholarships for students with extraordinary talents. Further information about our scholarship programme is available by viewing the scholarships page.


Do you have boarding facilities?

In January, 2015, our new Boarding Village became a co-educational home to 48 students from a diverse range of backgrounds and nationalities as we created a global boutique boarding school in the heart of our school.

Our boutique accommodation within a village atmosphere makes boarding at John Paul College a very special experience.  We welcome boys and girls from across Queensland, from rural and indigenous communities, neighbouring states and neighbouring countries, to the John Paul family

We want the very best for each of our boarders and our priority is to provide them with a happy, safe and supportive home environment.

We also operate a Homestay Programme for those students who live away from home during the academic year. Accommodation is provided, on application, with carefully selected and approved families. All of our families, who host a student under 18 years of age, hold Suitability Notices (blue cards) as required by Part 6 of the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian Act 2000, whereby persons seeking to work in a paid capacity with children under 18 years of age are required to undergo a screening process based on his or her criminal history to determine a person’s suitability to work in child-related employment. Should you require further information about this service, please see our Homestay information.


What sporting opportunities do you offer?

John Paul College offers one of the most extensive co-curricular programmes of any Australian school, catering for all ages and abilities in a wide range of sports.

Primary, Middle and Senior School students engage in school and club competitions in a wide range of individual and team sports.

Specialist lessons in Health and Physical Education are taught throughout the Primary curriculum and, in the Middle School, are part of the Discovery Programme. In Senior School, this foundation leads to the academic elective subjects of Health, Physical Education and Recreational Studies.

Our Horizons Programme supports exceptionally talented athletes who, once accepted into the programme, receive individual training from highly qualified specialist coaches. A student’s Senior Studies are completed over three years, giving them time to devote to their training as well as their academic studies. The Pathways Programme is a Middle School Development programme which aims to support students who have a passion for and potential in their chosen sport(s).

Extensive sporting facilities including a heated ten lane Aquatic Centre, an indoor double-court gymnasium with dedicated weights and aerobic facilities, seven outdoor courts, two fields at the main campus and additional playing fields at the adjoining sports centre provide superb training and playing opportunities for students.


What opportunities do you offer in the Performing Arts?

The academic subjects of Music, Drama and Dance are offered as part of the Discovery Programme in Middle School and as elective choices for Senior Studies.

Beyond this, the Performing Arts programme provides students with many exciting performance opportunities from first time recitals to major musical productions staged in professional theatres to international tours and events.

Our Horizons Programme supports exceptionally talented artists who, once accepted into the programme, receive individual tuition from expert instructors and directors. Their Senior Studies are completed over three years, giving them time to devote to their rehearsals as well as their academic studies.

Our optional private instrumental programme ensures that students receive expert tuition in instrumental music by highly qualified and creative instructors and directors through individual or group lessons. Also available are private lessons in vocal, speech and drama and ballet (Primary only). Students who join the Instrumental Music programme are required to take part in an instrumental ensemble as a natural performance opportunity.

The Performing Arts co-curricular programme provides students with a wide choice of bands, ensembles, choirs and dance groups to join. To find out what is available, please view our Performing Arts page.


Do you operate school buses to and from John Paul College?

Logan City and Mount Gravatt Coaches under the auspices of Translink operate bus services to and from the College on a daily basis covering a number of different suburbs in the John Paul Collegge catchment area.

For further information, on bus routes please refer here.


Does every student have a personal notebook computer?

The notebook computer is used extensively in the classroom on a daily basis. Our integrated technology provides for life-long learning. The curriculum is relevant, dynamic and places the student at the centre of the learning. The application of learning technologies fosters individual learning pathways which are interactive, engaging and challenging.  From Years 3-12, each student is required to have their own notebook computer.  From Kindergarten to Year 3, students have access to computers and printing facilities in their classrooms.


Does John Paul College have an outside school hours care programme?

Before and After School Care services are offered to parents of enrolled students in our Early Learning and Primary Schools who wish to take advantage of this facility. It operates from 7.00am – 9.00am and 2.30pm – 6.00pm each weekday during term time on a permanent or part-time basis. An application is necessary and fees are payable weekly.

Vacation Care is also available for enrolled students in the Early Learning and Primary Schools each weekday, excluding public holidays, from 7.00am – 6.00pm. Fees are payable weekly.


Does John Paul College have a Playgroup?

John Paul College operates a Playgroup to suit babies, toddlers and children up to four years of age.  Run by Early Childhood teachers, children will enjoy a range of age appropriate activities and regular guest speakers will join Playgroup to share morning tea and chat about Early Learning.  For further information, please email playgroup@jpc.qld.edu.au.


How do I enrol?

For further information regarding costs etc, please refer to our Schedule of Fees.