Our Commitment to the Environment

Our commitment to the environment.

Sustainability is the heart muscle of our commitment to the environment and to lifelong learning.

Just as our pool filtration system pumps rainwater into our plant room for filtering and reuse on campus, we are continually taking our sustainability knowledge and pumping it into the culture and curriculum to shape lifelong thinking.

Fuelled by a great passion for the environment, the core sustainability team continues to create an environment where staff and students alike teach and learn from each other as sustainability practitioners—and then take that learning into the wider world.


World-Best Sustainable Management Practice

In 2007, we set a goal to achieve world-best sustainable management practice.

Today, our 33 hectare campus has taken water consumption from 88 mega litres to 18; completed Stage 1 of a three-stage plan to reduce energy consumption by 33 per cent; and introduced the JPC “Ready to Recycle” programme – a campus-wide recycling programme with 60 recycling stations feeding into four larger stations for segregation and collection.

We send paper, cardboard and co-mingled recycling materials away for re-processing and send green waste from the ovals and gardens to the off-site Ti-tree Bio Energy Facility that converts it into methane, which has cut waste by 30% alone.

This $400,000-to-date investment in sustainable operations is merely a fraction of our 360-degree commitment to the environment. The outcomes are improved awareness through our students and in our written curriculum, where teachers are explicitly planning interactions. We have developed GreenSPACE – an online webspace to report our data and share our stories. This allows open dialogue with student committees and councils which specifically target environmental issues. Our P&F community also supports our sustainability and environmental endeavours.


Proactive Community

In addition, we have a proactive and engaged student community with positive leadership. Each of the teachers have made a personal footprint pledge of the strategies they will use for reducing the use of water and energy and anything else they are doing to reduce the carbon footprint of their classroom.

Our sustainability programme has meant a paradigm shift in thinking (and doing) across our entire community and has inspired us to look at what sustainability measures we can all put in place at home and in our community – wherever we leave our footprints.

Motivated by a vision to send contributive, sustainability driven citizens into the world, our 350 teaching and professional staff work to link these operations deeply into the school curriculum and culture—creating a truly holistic sustainable learning environment that is becoming a benchmark for schools across the country.

John Paul College has a goal to achieve world best sustainable management practice, and currently we are a recognised sustainability leader in the Australian education sector.