Guidelines for Mutual Respect


Our community, comprising students, parents and staff, all share in our vision and responsibility of a holistic education in a supportive and co-operative Christian environment.

Our ethos fosters the development of the whole person in spirit, mind, body and character.

All members of our community are expected to treat others with dignity, graciousness and mutual respect.

We understand the importance of supporting each other in a Christian community with diverse interests and traditions.

Every student takes personal responsibility for their own development by diligently and carefully preparing for, and participating in all classes and activities.  Mutual respect requires us all to be conscious of the learning needs of each other and how our actions may affect them.



Regular attendance at the College is a legal responsibility for both students and their parents and students attend the various formal events in the College calendar, as relevant to the School and activities that they are involved in.



Our students conduct themselves at all times in a manner that reflects positively on them, their family and the College. We maintain a ‘no tolerance’ policy towards the use or possession of tobacco, alcohol or any other illegal drug or substance on the campus, at any College activity or while wearing the College uniform. Parents share the responsibility of ensuring that our reputation is maintained at the highest level when students are beyond our direct control.


Personal Appearance

High standards of dress and appearance are important at all times, and particularly when students represent their College in the wider community. Our students are expected to wear their uniform with pride as appropriate to the occasion.

To download the Guidelines for Mutual Respect please click Guidelines for Mutual Respect.