Our Staff

Every child has the right to a world-class education and our staff are committed to an array of professional learning opportunities to ensure that every one of our students is not just taught, but given every opportunity to learn.

We place a high priority on professional learning, leadership and collaboration among all of our staff and learning is the central purpose of all that we do.

The strength of our school is our teachers and they encourage our students to accept responsibility for their own learning and teach them how to become life long learners.

They have an indepth understanding of the children they teach, their individual interests, backgrounds, motivations and learning styles. 

They also have a  deep belief in the ability of every student to learn and to achieve high standards and we celebrate our successes and achievements on many levels.

To ensure that our teachers continue to make a difference in the lives of our students, they follow a course of Professional Renewal which includes goal setting, observations, shared peer reflection, mentoring and professional growth. This commitment to Professional Learning ensures that they have indepth knowledge of their teaching areas and a deep appreciation of how students learn. 

We source the educators of our teachers from around the world for our inhouse Professional Development sessions and  and they have included experts such as Michael Carr-Greg (Child and Adolescent Psychologist)  Eric Jensen (World Class Staff Developer), Kathleen Kryza (Educational Consultant / Coach) Eileen Piggot-Irvine (Leadership expert)  and Tom Kirk (Indigenous Consultant). 

Internally, our teachers have access to our ELearning Facilitators, Literacy Coach and Director of Teaching Practice, who are all available to coach and mentor staff.

We prioritise literacy and numeracy in the classroom as the foundation of all learning. Our teachers also work to cultivate high levels of analytical thinking, creativity and problem solving.  It is this, along with our Pastoral Care program, our Positive Education program which increases mental resilience and wellbeing, and our extensive co-curricular opportunities which ensures each child receives a holistic, progressive and stimulating education.