Sports achievement at John Paul College is a mixture of passion, science and exceptional support.

Those with the skill and tenacity to succeed are given the opportunity to prepare for real world competition, to realise their dreams.

With one of Australia’s most extensive sporting programs, all students have the chance to excel.   We understand that reaching peak performance depends on many factors – talent, training, persistence, confidence and, above all, opportunity.

Whether your child is simply keen to enjoy being part of the team with their friends, or has professional aspirations, they will benefit greatly from our extensive sporting program which encourages participation, fitness, team commitment and elite performance.

The College boasts a number of outstanding coaching directors and our students receive first class training  in their chosen sports.

Beginners discover new skills and elite athletes receive high level coaching in preparation for competition.


A Wide Variety of Choices

From Primary School through to Senior School, students have a wide choice of team and individual sports.

For some, the program is a doorway to realising dreams at an elite level.  For all students, it is a chance to achieve their personal best.

With an emphasis on “trying” and having fun, our younger students revel in the health and social benefits that participation in sport provides.


Elite Opportunities

In the Middle School, our Pathways programme identifies students with emerging talent and partners them with some of Australia’s best coaches to guide their development.

In the Senior School, the Horizons programme, designed for our elite sports men and women, allows our state and national level athletes the opportunity to complete Years Eleven and Twelve over three years. Access to expert coaches and health and fitness professionals provides our Horizons students with every opportunity for future success at the highest level whilst allowing students the time to achieve at the highest academic levels.


TAS and External Representation

The College competes in the TAS (The Associated Schools) competition and many students get to experience the pride and commitment involved in representing their school.  We also encourage students to make the most of opportunities for district, regional, state and national representation.

Our young sports people have won many premierships and an impressive number of state and national titles over the years.