John Paul College Football-Soccer Program

Played by millions around the world, Football is an integrated part of our society. Football is a school of life.

John Paul College through the John Paul College Football Club strives to develop the game constantly and promote it throughout the College in light of its unifying educational, cultural and humanitarian values. Football development means investing in our young students and College family at large.

Just as with the global governing body FIFA, we believe that the JPCFC core values are of authenticity, unity, performance and integrity.

Authenticity – we believe that Football must remain a simple, beautiful game played by and enjoyed by all students who wish to participate.

Unity – we believe it is the JPCFC responsibility to foster unity within the College Football family and use Football to promote solidarity, regardless of gender, ethnic background, faith or culture.

Performance – we believe that the JPCFC must strive to deliver Football of the highest quality and as the best possible experience, be it as a player at the elite level or at the social level.

Integrity – we believe that, just as the game itself, JPCFC must be a model of fair play, tolerance, sportsmanship and transparency.


Mission of John Paul College Football Club

The intention of the John Paul College Football Club Plan is to provide a platform for the Club to grow.

The John Paul College football club has enjoyed continued unprecedented success as a small club in the football club’s short history. We wish to continue to develop a culture within in the club that builds a positive rapport with all players to deliver the best possible experiences and activity to raise self esteem and improve performance of players on & off the field.  Ensuring whatever level of player participating at the football club that we develop them as a player to be determined and confident and to learn and develop from their coaches and fellow players.

The core activities of John Paul College Football Club are to:

  • Provide a pathway for all players to play football no matter what their age or ability level
  •  Provide a safe and welcoming environment for both players, officials and visitors
  • Efficiently management of fields and facilities
  • Develop technical ability and skills through quality training
  • Promote the Club throughout Brisbane, Queensland, Nationally and Internationally
  • Provide high quality coaches
  • Provide support to coaches and players
  • Obtain sponsorship assistance
  • Competently manage finances
  • Effectively manage Volunteers
  • Fundraise for football related projects

Club Structure of Football, Teams and Programs


Dinosaurs (Kindy to Year 2)

Miniroos (Under 8 to Under 11)

Junior Football (Under 12 to Under 16)

Senior Football (Under 18)

John Paul College Football Senior Club Wet Weather Information

John Paul College Football Miniroos and Junior Club Wet Weather Information