Primary Sports Programme

Primary school children need to be physically active every day.

Right from Kindergarten, children need quality sports programs to develop the musculoskeletal and neurological structures that will support them for a lifetime of health and activity, as well as improved cognitive function and social wellbeing.

The Primary Sports Program at John Paul College is founded upon a movement based theory known as Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD), a developmental pathway whereby athletes follow optimal training, competition and recovery regimens from childhood through all phases of adulthood.

The development of physical literacy at a young age is essential for the long term physical, social and psychological wellbeing of our students.

The vision behind this programme is to rethink how we support sport and train our young people to ensure that they develop a love of participation in an activity. Within our programme, students from Prep to Year 3 are encouraged to participate in as many sports as possible to build basic skills whilst focusing on the ABCS of sport – Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed.


The Focus is on Fun!

The College offers an extensive array of play based programmes designed with ‘Fun’ being the major motivator. Our internally run programmes consists of Foundation Sports (nine sports), Dinosaur Football, In2Cricket, Learn to Swim/Squad Swimming and Club Basketball, as well as the external products offered on campus including Auskick, Mini Muscles and Rookies2Reds.

Following this stage of development, students from ages 9-12 enter the Learning to Train phase of sport. In this phase students acquire sport specific skills that are the cornerstone of athletic development.

Once again, students are encouraged to participate in multiple sports and not to specialise, as studies have found that specialisation at a young age increases the likelihood of burnout, injury and narrow physical development.


JTAS and Club Sport

Students enter the JTAS and club sport scene from Year 4 (or aged 9).

They can participate in an extensive range of sports  including AFL, Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Football, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Squad Swimming, Tennis and Touch Football.