Loren Hunter

Class of 2008
Theatrical Performer, Actress, Singer and Dancer

A powerhouse of talent, Loren made waves as a performer, excelling during her time at John Paul College and blossoming on the stage with limitless potential.

It is the belief that hard work and a can-do attitude has taken Loren across the country, featuring in a number of prominent professional productions. A career within the performing arts sector was one Loren lusted after, when a love of performing was fostered within her as a child.

‘It was never really a question. I was never able to sit still as a child, so my parents signed me up for the local theatre and I haven’t stopped since‘ says Loren.

Success both on and off stage was unquestionable as Loren collected the titles of School Music Captain, Magna Cum Laude and Dance Prize in 2008, her final year at JPC.

As Loren reminisces about her youth, she recalls her earliest memory of a love for performing was realised as she sang around the house before being encouraged by her father, who saw her musical potential, to pursue lessons. To accompany her musical talents, Loren was enrolled at the local Fame Theatre Co. which she continued to attend throughout her school years, until accepting an offer from Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), to study a Bachelor of Musical Theatre in 2009.

It was at WAAPA that Loren accepted every opportunity to further develop her skills, reaching out to any and all companies and directors that would have her whilst still studying.

She notes her journey as a JPC student fostered her sense of self and resilience, which became paramount throughout her career.

‘It helped shape me, as the industry I am in, you can sometimes lose that sense of self. The JPC journey fosters your strength and allows you to just be who you are.’

Her professional career took off post-graduation from WAAPA and she worked consistently for five years straight, as she began to take on more challenging roles, including her last two shows playing Liza Minelli in The Boy From Oz by The Production Company in Melbourne, August 2018 and the younger Evelyn May Murphy in Evie May by The Hayes Theatre in Sydney, October 2018.

Loren was nominated for the Judith Johnson Award for Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Musical at the Sydney Theatre Awards in 2018.

Despite questioning whether she wanted to continue within an industry that contained such variability and instability, she highlights the importance of caring for your mental health through meditation. ‘I couldn’t recommend it enough for people in the industry or anyone going through stress management. I’d definitely recommend it to students too.’

With an intention to delve further into the importance of meditation and a hope to teach others, Loren understands that the biggest challenges in life are not a sprint but instead a marathon.

Loren wishes to give special thanks to the JPC Alumni who continue to support her throughout her career: Kristala Iacovou (2008), Mikaela Dean (2011), Sophie Stephens (2011) and teachers Ms Sharyn Walker, Mr Joe Andre, Ms Lana Milton (her dance teacher) and Ms Deb Illingworth.

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