SOAR – Edition Two

A Celebration of John Paul College Alumni

In schools, we talk a lot about role modelling. I continue to delight in the stories I hear from current parents about the manner in which older students at the College look out for and nurture our younger students and that they do this, often, without being asked.
I know that our younger students admire and look up to our older students whether it be the Year Six or Year Twelve students and all years in between.
There is something about the connectedness of students at John Paul College.
Authentic relationships have developed across year levels and these often endure the test of time. They occur through academic classes as well as through co-curricular involvement and are a hallmark of the John Paul College experience.
Soar is another way in which we aim to role model for our students. The past students featured in this second edition (as with the first published last year) are role models for us all. They span different walks of life and careers and we thank them all for their remarkable contribution and achievement to our national and global communities.
We thank them for representing John Paul College locally and on the international stage.
I commend the second edition of Soar to you.

Karen Spiller OAM CF
Principal, John Paul College