John Paul College operates a cashless tuckshop.

This state-of-the-art facility uses touchscreen and swipecard technology. We offer an online account called My School Account with a debit card for all students (from Years 4 – 12) and staff.  

Through this website, internet banking and via the phone, parents can access and manage their account securely, enabling them to top-up, set a low balance alert and access reports on purchases. Every purchase made from the account can be tracked and viewed online and all funds deposited can only be spent at the John Paul College tuckshop.

Purchasing by card is safer and more secure than cash, with a photo and identification displayed on the register screen every time a purchase is made. Parents are provided with a unique ID number and a link to activate their account.  The tuckshop menu and online ordering are available through JPConnect, the Parent Portal.

From Year 4, the Tuckshop operates on a self-serve basis. For students in Prep-Year 3, parents may order online via their ‘myschoolaccount’. No soft drinks are to be purchased by Primary School students at the Tuckshop.