Homestay Accommodation

For students living away from their families, we have our own Homestay Accommodation programme.


A Home Away From Home

Carefully selected families, often of past or present students, provide a caring and nurturing environment for our students.

Living with a local Homestay family is a unique and enriching experience.

Our Homestay families open their hearts, their homes and their families to all students in their care, offering them a ‘home away from home’.

This family lifestyle assists students with living in a new city, enabling them to grow and develop during their time studying away from home.

All of our Homestay host families are thoroughly checked prior to placement and are required to hold a current Suitability Card (also known as the ‘Blue Card’) as required by the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian Act 2000.

This means that anybody wishing to work with children under 18 years of age in a paid capacity is required to undergo a screening process based on their criminal history to determine if they are suitable to work in child-related employment.

Our Homestay parents work in partnership with us and are responsible for all academic and co­curricular commitments of the students in their families.

Students are supplied with all meals, have their own bedroom with study facilities, washing and ironing facilities and transport (including car, bus and train) to and from school for school and all other activities.


Homestay Fees

Homestay Fee (per term) *A$4125

Airport Pick Up (per student) AU$235 (Brisbane Airport only)

Homestay Placement and  Relocation fee AU$360

Under 18 Student Welfare Fee per Term AU$300 (if applicable)

* Payment covers 48 weeks homestay per year. The four weeks over Christmas will incur extra costs if the students are in residence. Homestay payment must be received before the first day of each term. A late fee of $50 per week is charged on any balances owing after the first week of term. A cancellation charge equal to two weeks’ accommodation fees will apply, if less than four weeks’ notice in writing is given, or if a placement has been made.

For further information, please contact our Homestay Co-ordinator here.