Why Choose JPC?

John Paul College is a learning community in which all members have the opportunity to reach their individual potential for living a contributing and fulfilling life. Our community grows in an environment where Christian ecumenism is foundational, where our values are embraced, where mutual respect demands a hospitality that reaches out and welcomes those of all cultures and faiths, and where excellence in every endeavour is sought and applauded.


1. Learning: Your child will embrace learning and explore their strengths

We are a College that is serious about academic outcomes for each child. We are serious about ensuring that every student has a viable academic pathway that leads to post school study or the workplace. We are also serious about their embracing the full and rich life of the College. Co-curricular activities are extensive at John Paul College and offer every student an opportunity to find his or her place.

What we are most serious about though, is assisting each young person in our care to be the best they can be. We want each boy and girl; each young adult, to leave our College equipped with life skills which include a care for each other and our world and with a genuine desire to make a difference. We want them to be authentic young people who demonstrate responsibility and respect for others.


2. Welfare: Your child will be safe, secure and supported

At John Paul College we recognise that building character is as important as developing intellect. We have created an inspiring social and emotional learning environment which equips our young people with the skills needed to take advantage of the opportunities and rise to the challenges of our ever-changing world. Our Positive Education Program helps every student to understand and develop their unique character strengths the same way that they study every other subject. They learn how to apply these to their studies, sport and cultural pursuits.


3.  Balanced Education: Your child’s confidence and sense of belonging will increase

All students participate in our co-curricular program as we know that they feel a greater sense of belonging and have a higher self esteem when they take part in structured sporting, performing arts and other activities. In addition, the co-curricular opportunities we provide make for a more motivated and engaged group of students, which leads to a happier and more cohesive school.

The benefits of co-curricular activities have been extensively researched and students who participate develop higher academic results, better relationships at school, and are more likely to continue on to higher education.


4. Ethos and Values: We look out for each other

We believe our ethos is felt from the heart and is reflected in our Motto – Unity, Christ, Learning.

We believe our College offers students and staff an environment where Christian values are embraced and mutual respect offers a hand that reaches out and welcomes all cultures and faiths; and where the potential for our students is unlimited.

For the past 37 years we have continued to develop an exceptional learning environment which provides each and every one of our students with the best possible education and sends them into tomorrow as confident, committed and compassionate members of the global community.

Our values of acceptance, respect and inclusion are our primary focus and our cultural and religious differences are welcomed and celebrated. Every student has the right to explore their faith through the eyes of Christian ecumenism. Students are challenged to think about their relationship with Christ and are encouraged to live by the values taught in the Bible.


5. Pride and Belonging: Our students take pride in wearing the “Burgundy and Blue”

Our students have a strong sense of pride and belonging, enjoy learning and are challenged and engaged. These young people will work in occupations not yet created, use technology not yet invented, however, will be able to draw upon the strong foundations and values that will always be part of our College’s strong ethos.


6. Our Teachers: We will teach your child HOW to think, not WHAT to think

Our teachers have an in depth knowledge of their teaching areas and a wide understanding of the students in their care. They know the learning styles, interests, family environment and what makes our students tick. They encourage students to accept responsibility for their own learning and teach them how to become lifelong learners, thus setting them on the path for success after their schooling has finished.


7. Our Environment and Sustainability Practices: Your child will enjoy our creative, inspirational learning environment

Our environment is safe and secure and our staff and students teach and learn from each other as sustainability practitioners—and then take that learning into the wider world.  Our sustainability program enhances the learning, thinking and research capacity of our students and ensures that they will take their places comfortably and successfully as positive contributors and leaders in the rapidly changing world of the 21st century.


8. A Supportive Community: We are a partnership

We also have high levels of parent and community involvement and believe it is our responsibility to communicate effectively with our parents about the nature of learning and our expectations of their children. We know that the quality education we offer comes from a real partnership between the parents, students and the teachers.

As the second largest employer in Logan City, we see ourselves as an important part of our local community.  We are involved with business and community leaders and have established a number of partnerships to advance our educational goals and enrich our students’ learning.


9. Visit us in Person

Finally, whilst all of the above is important, we encourage prospective families and members of our community to take the time to visit us in person.

It is  when you attend one of our Open Days  or take a personal tour and meet our students and staff and speak with other parents, that you will experience our true “feel,” our culture, and what makes us  the John Paul College family.

By visiting our beautiful campus you will witness first-hand the dignity and poise of our students and you will leave understanding our beliefs, ethos and values and the aspirations we have for each and every one of them.

This is one of the main reasons people choose us –  and why they stay.


10. Future Choices

To help our students make their vital pathways decisions, they are guided by the staff from our Careers Development Centre.

Our Head of Learning, Careers and Pathways and our Employment and VET Co-ordinator are fully qualified career professionals who offer a variety of services.

These include individual career counselling sessions, career testing and assessment and work experience as well as class and year level lessons on career topics.

They also assist with mock job interviews, resume writing and curriculum vitae preparation sessions.

Whether our students are destined for further study, a traineeship or employment, our staff will help them choose the appropriate pathway to achieve success.


Vocational Education and Training

Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications are available through the “Partnerships with Schools” program where students may undertake VET qualifications at either the Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE (MSIT) or trade-based qualifications at Skills Tech Australia.

John Paul College is also a Registered Training Organisation and students may elect to undertake a variety of VET courses at the College.

All VET courses provide a high level of real world employability skills and the opportunity to work towards completing a nationally recognised qualification.

School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Students interested in pursuing careers in trades or related service industries may wish to take up the option of undertaking a School-based Apprenticeship or Traineeship (SAT).

This pathway allows students to study four days a week on a reduced workload of five subjects. The additional day is spent in the workplace, undertaking paid employment.

Students have the opportunity to gain valuable industry based experience and also work towards completing a nationally recognised qualification.

University in Year Trelve

The Griffith GUEST, QUT START and UQ Enhanced Studies programs enable select students the ability to study a university subject as part of Year 12.

Horizons Sport and Culture Program

Students enrolled in this program are able to complete their senior studies over three years instead of two – allowing them greater time to concentrate on their particular specialisation without compromising their academic achievements.

This program is offered to exceptional athletes and performers on the basis of application to specific selection criteria and interview.

Support Network

A full time network of support personnel, including Heads of Years, Chaplain, Counsellors, English as a Second Language (ESL) and Learning Enhancement teachers is also available to support our children in their pursuit of academic excellence.


For further information, to receive a Prospectus or contact our Admissions Team on + 61 (0)7 3826 3415 or email enrolments@jpc.qld.edu.au.