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Academic Enrichment Program

The pursuit of Academic Excellence is the essential reason for attending JPC​ and this is reflected through the Academic Enrichment Program (AEP). This program covers three key aspects of the academic welfare of Boarders.

These include Academic Tracking, Academic Assistance in Boarding (Prep Time) and Boarder Academic Enrichment.

Academic Tracking

The Head of Boarding takes responsibility for Boarder academic progress and any associated support measures required. This occurs on a day-to-day basis, using informal and formal processes. It involves the investigation and tracking of classroom behaviour and participation, academic effort and level of achievement.

Boarders will be provided with additional support during prep time and receive further advice and consultation with their subject/s teacher should they need them. Parents will be informed of any measures taken by boarding to assist their child.

Academic Assistance in Boarding (Prep Time)

It is important to consolidate the learning undertaken during the day through prep time. Boarders in Years Seven to Nine study in a classroom environment, while students in Years Ten to Twelve use their own room or common areas to study. Boarders may also choose to visit the main campus and utilise other College facilities.

All doors of senior rooms are left ajar and any Boarders wishing to engage in collaborative work may do so by negotiating with staff and moving into the common areas. During prep time, Boarders are supported by JPC teachers, academic tutors and residential boarding staff.

Boarder Academic Enrichment

Boarder Academic Enrichment is implemented to provide additional support to Boarders in core learning areas including Mathematics, Science, English, Humanities, PE and Technology and Design.

Academic tutors from specific learning areas provide a classroom tutorial environment at our Learning Centre during weeknight prep time.