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To Educate, To Inspire, To Make a Difference

​We recognise that students are individuals, with individual needs. The challenge all schools face is to offer learning programs that engage students at all stages of their life. At John Paul College our teaching and learning environment offers an exceptionally broad range of opportunities that will motivate and encourage students. ​

We cater for all levels of ability and allow students to explore their own specific interests. In addition, students develop strong relationships with their teachers who get to know them really well and are able to give them opportunities to be successful in their learning. In the Secondary School at JPC, we strive to meet these challenges. 

Students' are increasingly given opportunities to choose subjects they have a particular interest in. These range from highly academic courses through to vocational courses, traineeships and apprenticeships. Whatever pathway a student takes, the overwhelming majority of our students choose to go on to further tertiary education when they leave school. 


​In parallel with the JPC ​ focus on learning and achievement, our leadership and service programs help students develop a holistic approach to life. The moment students join our school community they have the opportunity to be involved in an array of leadership and service activities. These are an essential and fully integrated part of our JPC way of life.  

The values of Mutual Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence and ethos of JPC encourage students to think of others before themselves. Students participate in meaningful and effective ways of giving back to the community. We have a commitment to help 'Australians at risk' along with people less fortunate than ourselves, anywhere in the world. We believe that this helps set the scene for a fulfilled and successful life. 

JPC provides an unmatched choice of Sport,  Activities and Performing Art opportunities. The challenging activities on offer bring students together with outstanding staff mentors and coaches so they can develop their skills and abilities. They then regularly test themselves against the best in a wide range of environments. 

​Our College-wide motto of Unity | Christ | Learning is at the heart of all we do in the Secondary School and is embedded in all of our programs. As students grow, I am confident that they will leave JPC with an exemplary education, a desire to continue to learn, a moral compass to live by and a genuine desire to make a positive contribution as a citizen of the world. 

Mr Allan Dennis
​Head of Secondary School