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​​Primary STEM, Design and Innovation

Authentically embedding Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines in the Primary program maximises student passion and creativity, facilitating real-world skills in an inquiry-based, transdisciplinary framework.

By shifting the focus to a stronger emphasis on learning and applying scientific skills, design thinking and digital and design technology production skills, students create, innovate and explore through real-world contexts.

Our Primary STEM discipline areas include:
  • Science
  • Technology
    • Robotics
    • Coding
    • Design Thinking/Process
  • ​Engineering
  • Mathematics
STEM Student Testimonial - Alice 

Design and Innovation

With an emphasis on design thinking, students are focused on finding solutions to real-world problems while developing capabilities such as critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and communication. ​

The design process utilised by students encourages them to:
  • investigate a problem
  • ideate by coming up with different solutions
  • implement the best idea
  • improve on their design.
By embedding a design thinking process through our units of inquiry we have noticed many benefits to student learning.​ These benefits include understanding the value of collaboration and feedback, viewing setbacks and failures as valuable learning moments and developing stamina and resilience. Learning through real-world contexts with a focus on finding solutions has equipped our students with the essential skills, mindsets and dispositions that will help them to thrive now and into the future.