Our Christian Ecumenical Philosophy

John Paul College is a Christian Ecumenical college.

This means, firstly that Christ and the Christian message is at the centre of the teachings, values and principles we espouse and, secondly, that we promote Christian Unity – that is, a united witness to the Good News of Jesus.

Our Christian Ecumenical school is one where our Christian Living program not only highlights what we have in common, but also celebrates that we each have distinct ways of practicing our faith.

Christian Ecumenism recognises that people from different Christian faiths and traditions can work together towards greater unity while each preserves his or her traditional faith and practice.

It does not seek to ignore these differences; but through understanding and mutual respect, we aim to live in harmony whilst respecting our differing beliefs.

We do not seek any change in practice which would be ahead of that recognised by the authority of the individual churches, but promote adherence by every church member to the laws, traditions and authority of his/her church while seeking that unity which was Christ’s prayer.

Our Christian Ecumenical philosophical approach to fellow Christians (of respect, understanding, tolerance and love) is easily and appropriately applied to those from other religious backgrounds and so they are welcome here also (with the understanding that their children will be taught the Christian faith).

By being involved in Christian Ecumenism, we are able to celebrate our diversity whilst embracing our unity.

As a consequence, we gain a new pride in ourselves within our own Christian beliefs and traditions whilst we all hold true to the gospel of Jesus Christ.