Student Behaviour Expectations

It is our expectation that our students learn in a safe, secure and supportive environment where behaviour is based on a commitment to mutual respect for all members of the John Paul College family.

Every endeavour is made to promote a positive, caring and cooperative atmosphere, in which the rights and responsibilities of all members of the school community are acknowledged and upheld.


Working together


Every person has the right to:

  • be treated with respect and understanding;
  • be treated as an individual;
  • work and learn in a positive classroom environment;
  • feel safe while learning and interacting with others;
  • expect property and belongings to be safe;
  • appreciate the beauty of our surroundings;
  • be proud of their appearance;
  • enjoy the traditions and culture of John Paul College.


Every person has the responsibility to:

  • be respectful, truthful, courteous and considerate;
  • respect individual differences;
  • meet classroom expectations and contribute positively to the learning environment;
  • act responsibly and safely;
  • treat all property and belongings with respect and care;
  • care for the College environment;
  • adhere to uniform and dress codes;
  • honour the values of the John Paul College community.

Please view the College Bullying Prevention and Management Policy.