Student Protection

John Paul College is a Christian, ecumenical, co-educational College.  Our values are based on a Christian ethos and particularly emphasise the principles of Mutual Respect, Acceptance, Love, and Fairness.  As a College, we retain a ‘duty of care’ for our students, and as such take steps to look after the safety and wellbeing of students. Our Statement of Commitment supports our position on student protection.

Safeguarding our Students – Student Protection Parents and Students Guidelines

Queensland law requires that all school staff will report all suspicions and allegations of child sexual abuse and likely sexual abuse immediately to the police. Teachers, registered nurses and Education and Care Service professional staff have a legal obligation to report significant harm of a child where there may not be a parent able and willing to protect the child to Child Safety Services.

What is Harm? (s. 9 Child Protection Act 1999)

Harm to a child, is any detrimental effect of a significant nature on the child’s physical, psychological or emotional wellbeing. Harm can be caused by physical, psychological / emotional abuse or neglect or sexual abuse or exploitation. Harm can be caused by a single act, omission or circumstance or a series or combination of acts, omissions or circumstances.

In addition, legislation requires schools to have policy and processes in place for the reporting of inappropriate behaviour towards a student by a staff member. John Paul College has extended this reporting to include any inappropriate behaviour towards a student by a college volunteer.

What is inappropriate behaviour?

Inappropriate behaviour means any behaviour, including words, towards a student which is inconsistent with the relevant Professional Standards, Code/s of Conduct and College policies and is considered to be ‘inappropriate behaviour’ by the person making the complaint.

How does John Paul College protect students?

We have a range of strategies and processes in place to support the protection of students, including:

Staff and volunteer selection

All staff and volunteers are screened for their eligibility and suitability to work with children. All persons if required by legislation will hold a current Positive Notice (Blue Card) issued by Blue Card Services, Department of Justice and Attorney-General.

Policies and procedures

We have a range of policies and procedures in place to ensure the ongoing safety and wellbeing of all students. These policies and procedures provide written processes for how the college will respond to allegations and/or concerns of sexual abuse, likely suspected abuse, harm or risk of harm of a student by another person or inappropriate behaviour of a staff member or volunteer to a student.

Our Child Protection Policy is available on our website. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, this policy is currently being reviewed to ensure that we not only meet our legal and civil obligations but to ensure that we are doing all that we can do to continue to protect and support our students.

Please click here to view the Student Protection Policy and Procedures

Please click here to view the Child Protection Policy (Education and Care Service)

Induction and training

All staff and volunteers receive relevant student protection information and training as part of their induction. Annual refresher training and additional training (as required) is also provided.

Student Protection Officers

A number of key staff have been delegated to the role of Student Protection Officer. These staff receive additional child protection training and fulfil the role as a contact person for students, staff, volunteers and other members of the college community to seek advice and/or report student protection concerns.

Please click here to view the Student Protection Officers

Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy

John Paul College has established a Child and Youth Risk Management Committee. This committee chaired by the Deputy Principal (Community) is responsible for the development and annual review of the College’s Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy.

2019 Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy for John Paul College and JPC Education and Care

We encourage all members of the college community to continue to work with our staff to ensure that we are doing all that we can to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all of our students.