Our Educational Framework

Our students are at the heart of all we do at John Paul College.  We teach them HOW to think rather than WHAT to think.

Like all children, your son or daughter will face challenges and make choices that will shape and influence their life’s journey. There will be moments of anxiety, indecision and even confusion. It is at these times, you need to know that the family values that are so important to you at home, are just as important to us at school.

In defining our educational framework, we recognise that your children are the centre of all learning and we aim to provide them with a continuous learning journey where they will be engaged in a varied curriculum with relevant learning experiences and a wide range of learning tools. 

Our curriculum process is dynamic, practical and ever-changing and constantly strives to ensure that the learning undertaken by our students is meaningful, developmental and purposeful. With literacy and numeracy as our core focus, our curriculum does more than teach our students how to read and write. It encourages them to analyse, draw inferences and assess written information whilst incorporating computer literacy across the curriculum.

Everything we do is guided by our Statement of What We Believe which forms the basis of our ethos and values and can be found in every classroom.