Student Leadership

Student LeadershipWe have a progressive and dynamic leadership program that is based on a servant leadership model.

Students are encouraged to explore and develop leadership roles and are encouraged to build on their leadership skills through an involvement in councils, committees and by applying for formal leadership positions.


The Leadership Program

The Leadership program at John Paul College aims to be:

  • Educational – Students develop skills in leadership and communication.
  • Democratic – Every student has a voice.
  • Responsible – Students solve real problems and make real decisions.
  • Sharing – Students share with the school leadership team and teachers in the decision making.
  • Caring – Students care about their College and what happens in it and to it.
  • Fun and Rewarding – Students experience enjoyment through successful participation.

Every student of the College is considered to be a leader, representing the College through their actions, role modelling and service to others on a daily basis.


Service and the Leadership Crook

The Leadership Crook, which is passed each year from the departing College Captains to the new ones, symbolises the pastoral shepherd’s nurture and protection of his flock. With this annual ritual, the concept and value of service to the other is reinforced as a central building block in the philosophical foundation of the College. Jesus, as the Good Shepherd, showed us by his words (“the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve” – Mt 20:28) and his actions (“I have just washed your feet…I have set an example for you, so that you will do just what I have done for you” – Jn 13:14,15) that service to our fellow human being is far more important than any knowledge, power or authority we may possess. Our task, our goal and our responsibility is to take every opportunity to put that theory into practice.

Ecumenical Services are held regularly in the Senior School. The services are organised by students in each House Group on a rotational basis, with guest speakers from one of the traditions represented at John Paul College delivering the sermon and benediction. Parents are invited to worship with the students and the staff at these services.