A Connected Learning Community

John Paul College students are part of a connected learning community when it comes to computer use.

Technology is completely integrated into our teaching and learning processes to support the learning needs of students, to help develop their creativity and logical and lateral thinking, to assist with research, and to develop digital and information literacy skills.

Our Early Learning, Kindergarten and Junior Primary students begin their technology educational journey through the use of interactive whiteboards and access to computers in all classrooms.

Our Year 4 to Year 12 students participate in our well established Notebook Computer Programme and routinely use their own personal notebook computer as part of their daily school life. This use is supported by College-wide, wireless connectivity and a range of printers.

The empowerment of students, teachers, parents and the community is the striking innovation that distinguishes John Paul College as a very real example of a 21 century learning community.

This, blended with innovation in knowledge management, an unparalleled infrastructure and 24-hour access to an online student-centered curriculum has allowed us to realise our simple vision – to create an anywhere, anytime school where parents, teachers and students are part of an interconnected learning community.

In providing students with such opportunities, we recognise the importance in educating our students to become responsible, ethical and safe users of technology.  Our overall goal is to maintain a cyber smart culture which is in keeping with the values of the school and our legislative and professional obligations.

Our parents are part of our connected community via JPConnect, our parent portal. Here, they can access up-to-date reports, news and information in relation to their child.