Cybersafety Responsibilities

We take our cybersafety responsibilities very seriouslyThe empowerment of students, teachers, parents and the community is the striking innovation that distinguishes John Paul College as a very real example of a 21st learning community and we take our responsibilities in this area very seriously.

This, blended with innovation in knowledge management, an unparalleled infrastructure and 24-hour access to an online student-centred curriculum has allowed the College to realise our simple vision – to create an anywhere, anytime school where parents, teachers and students are part of an interconnected learning community.

In providing students with such opportunities, we recognise the importance in educating our students to become responsible, ethical and safe users of technology. Our overall goal is to maintain a cybersmart culture which is in keeping with the values of the College and our legislative and professional obligations.


Our Responsibilities

To ensure a safe, digital environment staff members take all reasonable measures to ensure that students use the computer network correctly. 

We are committed to providing learning experiences to make best use of computer technology whilst ensuring that students are educated to be critical users of information and have the necessary skills to use the Internet and other information communications technologies safely and responsibly.


Parent and Guardian Responsibilities

We believe that the proper use of information communications technology should be a joint responsibility between parents /guardians and our staff.

We ask that parents and guardians share with us the responsibility for setting and conveying standards for acceptable use when using electronic media and information sources.


Student Responsibilities

As users of the John Paul College Information and Communication Technology systems, students have important responsibilities when accessing the network and the internet and must abide by the Responsible Use Policy.

This is to ensure their safety and the safety of others and to develop the appropriate responsibilities when interacting in an online environment.


Cyber Safety

In the case that the student receives or accidentally accesses inappropriate material, the student MUST immediately minimise the screen and inform the teacher. This includes any material which is offensive, abusive, racist, pornographic, sexist or excessively violent.

If the student receives or knows or suspects another student of receiving any harassing or threatening messages, or any other content that makes them feel uncomfortable, the Student must immediately inform a teacher.

The student must NEVER give out their password to another student or any person outside the College. If the student suspects or knows another student or a person outside the College has their password, they must inform a teacher and change their password immediately.