Mobile Phones & Digital Devices

Student Use of Mobile Phones Policy


Section 1 – Background and Purpose
Mobile phones are a feature of society, and are in widespread use, allowing convenient communication and connectedness. We acknowledge that this form of communication is important but want to also ensure that good educational practice is not compromised.

At John Paul College, we expect students to display the values of Mutual Respect, Integrity, Compassion, and Excellence in all they do. We value interpersonal skills and recognise that at times mobile devices get in the way of allowing students to develop to the degree that promotes a quality person to person communication.

Section 2 – Scope

This policy applies to all John Paul College and John Paul International College students.

Section 3 – Policy Statement

This policy will provide students and staff with guidelines for the use of mobile devices at our college.

Section 4 – Procedures

  1. Students are permitted to carry a mobile phone to school.
  2. While at school, mobile phones must be kept in the student’s locked locker.
  3. John Paul College takes no responsibility for the loss of a mobile phone while the phone is at school. School resources will not be allocated to finding missing phones that are lost or allegedly stolen.
  4. Students are allowed to access their mobile phones at their locker during morning break and afternoon break. At these times mobile phones are only to be used in the case of emergencies (for example, for contacting parents to advise that training or music practices are cancelled). To ensure punctuality and safety, students are not permitted to access their devices between lessons and when there is no scheduled break.
  5. Mobile devices are not to be used for texting, social purposes, social media, internet access or photos and videos during school time by students.
  6. Inappropriate use of a mobile phone during the school day will result in the confiscation of the phone. The confiscated phone will be labeled with the student’s name and handed to the Head of School at the first opportunity. It can be collected at the end of the school day.
  7. John Paul College takes seriously its responsibility to protect students and staff members from inappropriate or malicious on-line references. Significant or repeated misuse of a mobile phone by a student will be treated seriously and an investigation of the matter will be carried out and be dealt with promptly.
    In any matter where the college believes there may be the material which is of bullying, sexual, racial or in violent nature, or where students or the school is brought into disrepute, the College reserves the right to permit specified staff to inspect the device.