Supporting Student Success

Where are we now?


Technology at JPC is constantly being refreshed and renewed to ensure the College maintains a leading position in supporting student success across the curriculum. The focus of technology renewal and continual reviews is to ensure students are provided with the best opportunities to excel. Decisions for technology choices are curriculum driven  and enhancing the student’s learning journey is the critical key.

Below is a brief summary of the current technology position of the College; an ever changing landscape.

Network Infrastructure

With over 30 buildings and a campus spread over 36 hectares, JPC has a significant investment in Local Area Network (LAN) equipment. This LAN equipment provides connectivity to all the buildings and rooms within those buildings and includes fibre optic cabling run across the campus and between all buildings and network switches in all buildings connecting wireless access points and network cable data points in all rooms. A core switch located in the central JPC data centre ensures connectivity across the campus and to the Internet.

With the Internet and cloud services a key component of curriculum requirements, the College maintains a dedicated fibre optic Wide Area Network (WAN) link direct onto the AARNet backbone providing fast and secure Internet access along with a backup microwave link to ensure connectivity in the case of a failure in either the fibre link or the AARNet data services.

The network infrastructure ensures our students have connectivity in all campus precincts to support their research, thinking and learning in all learning spaces. The robust network infrastructure supports efficient delivery of data including access to rich multimedia content on all devices on campus.

Servers and Storage

The College has a significant server and storage architecture to support our students and their virtual learning environments located in a primary data centre and supported by a secondary on-campus disaster recovery data centre which also houses the backup facilities.

Over 50 virtual and eight physical servers support services including local and Internet security and identity management; school administration systems; print services management; power and water management and reporting; College websites; multiple databases and reporting services; communications; email services; file storage; SharePoint solutions and backup facilities.

Enterprise quality storage devices support server, College and individual content storage solutions with over 11Tb of server data, 4.1Tb of dedicated administrative and teaching content storage, and approximately 7Tb in dedicated student network storage facilities.

All network storage devices and servers are backed up using best practice procedures; backing up disk to disk for rapid recovery and disk to tape for longer term storage and disaster recovery.

Individual and Classroom computing devices

The College provides individual computing devices to all students from Year 4 along with all John Paul International College students and staff. Younger years have access to both mobile and desktop classroom computing devices.

Over 3000 College owned computing devices are currently supported over the cabled and wireless network. With all students from Year 4 also able to bring their own devices, the actual number of devices supported by the John Paul College  wireless network is far greater.

Interactive and Collaborative Devices

Throughout the College, students have access to varying facilities to enhance collaboration and provide interactive opportunities. These include Interactive Whiteboards, large Interactive and display screens, Wireless display devices, projectors, tablets and mini tablets (Windows 8, Android and IOS), document cameras, and still and video cameras.


Students at John Paul College are provided access to leading industry software including Autodesk CAD, Revit and Inventor, Sibelius, the Adobe suite of applications and the Microsoft Office suite along with other specialist applications to support learning for the real world.

Classroom Collaboration and Content Sharing

The SharePoint environment provided by the College provides students with opportunities to work in a collaborative environment and access customised learning resources to enhance their learning journey. Through this environment, the College provides access to in-house developed web applications and content for both classroom and individual learning and support.

Specialist Devices

Where appropriate, specialist technology dedicated to enhancing the performance and educational opportunities of our students is provided. These devices include athletic performance monitoring and coaching devices and environmental monitoring devices.

Printing Services

John Paul College is committed to reducing our carbon footprint while maintaining services for our students; follow me printing and print release at the printer device along with the ability to queue printing via remote printing for pick up the following day ensure our students print only what they need to print while being given many options for location to facilitate that printout.

Printing services at the College also provide numerous presentation options including double sided, colour or black and white, booklet and stapled format. A large format printer is also available for speciality printing; particularly important for our arts and applied design students.

Communications and Monitoring

There are a number of technology solutions implemented in the College to support student welfare and ensure timely communications. These solutions include email, phones, instant messaging to contact staff, Internet and Cyber safety filtering and monitoring and security cameras and alert systems throughout the campus. All these solutions and systems are part of ensuring the wellbeing of our students and providing them with a safe and secure environment for learning.


Where are we going?

Just as the curriculum is constantly evolving, so too, our technology programme is constantly being reviewed and reassessed to ensure it remains relevant and current, and provides services and solutions to support John Paul College as a leader in education. We are always looking for better ways to support our students to excel and ignite their passion for learning and discovery.

We continuously strive to ensure our students have the best opportunities to engage with their learning journey in ways that best suit them and their individual style of learning. For our technology solutions, that means offering multiple pathways to the learning, devices to suit differing types of learners and ensuring that our services are always available to our students.

Our goal is to provide students with the opportunity to interact with us and learn Anywhere, Anytime, on Any device. To this end we are investing in a substantial virtual cloud environment to provide safe and secure access to our leading edge applications and services while allowing students to select to use any device from any location they need at any time of the day all year round. We are also continuing network improvements to ensure students can quickly add and remove applications and apps as they need to provide a “light” and flexible SOE (standard operating environment), removing the “heavy” load on disk space used for applications no longer required by the individual student for their study pathway.

At all times John Paul College will try to ensure equity for all our students, making sure that all students have access to the right equipment to undertake the study and tasks set by the College for them to achieve their learning pathway. To this end, although the College does allow BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for all students participating in the notebook programme, we will also continue with the provision of devices to our students. No matter what, whether they have their own device or not, or if their own device is not capable or not working, students will always have a College provided device that will perform to the standards expected by the College for the programmes offered by the College.