Our Kindergarten is a learning environment where all children have the opportunity to become confident, eager and enthusiastic learners in preparation for the rest of their education.

Within our Kindergarten community the children grow in confidence and their capabilities are acknowledged, respected and celebrated.


Families are welcome to apply online for either a full time (10 day fortnight) or a part time (5 day fortnight) Kindergarten position via our Online Application.

Once submitted, the Admissions team will contact you approximately twelve months prior to entry, to arrange an interview and tour of the Kindergarten facilities. As placements are limited in the Kindergarten it is recommended that families submit their applications as early as possible to ensure a position is available. Future students are accepted based on our Admissions criteria, outlined in the Admissions Policy.

If you would like to arrange a personal tour of our Kindergarten prior to application, or to learn more about John Paul College, please contact the Admissions Office on 3826 3415, or email

The John Paul College Kindergarten is an approved Kindergarten Programme provider under the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme. Click here to view the Department of Education Funded Kindergarten Statement of Fees.  Click here for the College’s 2020 Schedule of Fees. 

Outside School Hours Care and Vacation Care are also provided on campus for your convenience.


Kindergarten Objectives

We aim to:

  • provide a Christian Ecumenical environment of acceptance and understanding where children feel respected, comfortable, happy and safe
  • foster meaningful partnerships with parents and the community
  • provide facilities and resources to promote possibility and investigation in the children’s learning journey
  • provide warm, professional staff who promote and maintain high quality education and care


Our Educational Philosophy

Our Kindergarten programmes are influenced by a number of philosophical theorists and world renowned educational settings.

The Italian city of Reggio Emilia is the world leader in early childhood education and our early childhood specialists have incorporated many elements of this philosophy into the Early Learning programmes to provide our students with the best educational opportunities available.

All of our children are encouraged to follow their interests, investigate their queries and represent their thoughts. Our teachers work alongside the children to encourage and support them in the learning process. They provide guidance, provocation and stimulation to inspire children in their quest for learning.

Our educational environments are devised to motivate individual learning, encourage small group collaboration and celebrate peer achievement in a climate of mutual respect.

As the Kindergarten children set the areas of research for themselves, the teachers monitor and predict the stages of learning so as to enable purposeful experiences. In this way, the teachers and the children construct and negotiate the curriculum together.


The Goals of our Programme

They include:

  • respecting, honouring and celebrating the uniqueness of each child
  • developing in each child an active curiosity about the world and an enthusiasm for learning based on their own needs, interests and investigations
  • enhancing each child’s development of social, emotional, physical, spiritual, language and cognitive spheres
  • providing experiences and opportunities for children to express themselves and represent their thinking and understanding through the many different languages
  • working in partnership with parents in each child’s care and education; establishing connections and promoting continuity that recognises children’s past, present and future living and learning experiences


Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline

The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline is the basis of our programme and aims to enrich each child’s learning.

The guideline is based on the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF 2009) and embraces the inclusive vision that “all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life”. It is our belief that throughout the Kindergarten year, each child has a fundamental right to experience the joy of childhood where they learn and thrive in a warm, caring, play based environment that includes parents in the learning process.

We believe that children do not learn in isolation – it is a collaborative process and The Kindergarten Learning Guideline acknowledges the important role that adults, other children and the physical environment play in each child’s learning.


International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP)

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) is integrated into the Kindergarten programme and is an international framework that ensures all of our students are prepared for the global world we are part of today.  This progressive approach to teaching and learning focuses on total growth and encompasses the social, physical, emotional, cultural and academic development of a young child.

PYP is about discovering and inspiring children to WONDER and to celebrate learning. The development of attitudes and the expectation of socially responsible behaviour are also essential elements of the programme.

It combines the best research and practice from a range of national systems with a wealth of knowledge and experience from international schools to create a relevant and engaging educational framework for all children. A driving force behind PYP is a deeply held philosophy about the nature of international education and the development of international mindedness within each member of the school community.

The Kindergarten children undertake four units of enquiry including:

  • Who We Are
  • How We Organise Ourselves
  • How We Express Ourselves
  • How the World Works


Individual Learning Journals

Our experienced Early Learning staff strive to capture each child’s learning and thinking in their learning journals.

Learning journals are more than a memory or a keepsake of their time in Kindy, providing an insight into each child’s learning and making the quality of our teaching practice visible to parents.

These learning journals are a collaborative effort and provide children with the opportunity to revisit and reflect on past experiences and record their learning including their emerging literacy and numeracy skills.  This provides our teachers with the knowledge they need to ensure that each child’s time with us is full of wonder and possibility. Parents are encouraged to contribute photos, stories, art or any other memorabilia that tells a story about their child’s life and learning journey.

To view the Kindergarten Handbook please click here. For further information on registering your child for John Paul College, please contact us via email or telephone (07) 3826 3415.