Middle School

Junior Secondary (Years Seven to Ten) CRICOS: 08266E

Our Middle School focusses on supporting students as they develop into confident and creative learners of today, ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Adolescence is a time of significant cognitive, emotional, physical and social change. To support our students through this period of growth, our Middle School teachers build upon the foundations of Primary School and support each child in adapting to the new environment of secondary school.

In Year Seven, students study a broad range of subjects as they progress through to Year Nine. Student learning follows the Australian curriculum, continuing the inquiry approach from their Primary years. They develop subject-specific skills and make links across and between subject areas. We encourage innovative thinking in all learning areas and encourage skills in creativity, design thinking, problem-solving and reflection.

Our classroom spaces and outdoor areas are flexible in design, catering for a wide range of learning styles and teaching practices. We adapt our learning environment for specific purposes to increase the engagement and motivation of students in their learning, and to support each child to achieve their best.

A major focus of middle schooling is the guidance and support of each student as they choose a learning pathway for Senior School that best suits their needs. To support this, the Middle School offers specialised programmes such as subject specific Academic Extension classes, Academic Skills (targeted literacy development), Design Challenge Days and a Junior Pathways programme for elite athletes and performers.

Our College believes in developing the whole child. We value and promote learning through our comprehensive co-curricular, pastoral care and community service programmes. We place significant emphasis on developing leaders of influence who make a positive difference to the school, and the local and global communities with which we connect.

Our Middle School Committee programme provides opportunities for each student to take action in an area of interest, and develop skills in running meetings, enacting action plans and managing events. In addition, a select number of students across Years Seven, Eight and Nine are elected formally as members of the Student Council.

As students grow and develop through the middle phase of learning, we empower and guide them to be organised, independent, balanced and confident learners well prepared for the rigours of Senior School.

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For parents/guardians interested in enrolling a child in Middle School, we ask that you complete an online Application for Enrolment at your earliest possible convenience.


A Unique Area of Teaching

Our Middle School  (Years 7, 8 and 9) is a unique area of teaching, and our exciting learning programs recognise that academic progress depends on students feeling socially and emotionally connected.  It is where young adolescents grow towards greater independence as they transition from childhood to young adulthood.

Our approach embraces all of the possibilities of the adolescent years and our learning programs develop open minds.  Our unwavering support underpins strong relationships. Success in all of these areas builds new levels of self confidence.

We are ‘Student Driven’ and believe that all students are capable of making progress and reaching their full potential. This belief is translated into high expectations and a relentless determination to ensure all students achieve success in whatever path they choose to follow.


Specialist Pastoral and Learning Programs

Our specialist Middle School pastoral and learning programs aim to engage each student in learning while challenging them to grow. We recognise that academic progress during these early adolescent years depends on students feeling emotionally and socially connected.

Our Head of Middle Schooling, along with the Heads of each year level, ensures that the specific learning development and pastoral needs of every child is overseen.

The Middle School teachers aim to understand each student’s learning style and provide a nurturing environment to enable students to strive for their personal best, whilst understanding that they will be challenged by all of the characteristics of adolescence.

All students are expected to develop new opinions about important issues and to strive to make positive choices in their lives.

To support our students, our pastoral care program focuses on mutual respect and provides students with the freedom to grow as individuals within our Christian ecumenical community.

Regular communication with parents allows teachers to work in conjunction with the home to achieve the best possible educational outcomes for each student.