Performing Arts, Sports and Activities – Term One 2020

As part of our holistic approach to education at John Paul College, we offer a variety of co-curricular activities to our students. These activities include Performing Arts, Sporting and various activities including (but not limited to) Art Club, Community Service Groups, Debating, Coding, and Robotics Clubs.

For new students wanting to join various Performing Arts ensembles and groups auditions will be offered in the first two weeks of Term One. Further information outlining these groups and dates of auditions will be forwarded to families at the commencement of the term. Parents wishing to learn more about our Performing Arts Program are encouraged to contact their office on 3826 3383 to speak with a Program Coordinator.

The Performing Arts Handbook is also available online and contains more detailed information about Performing Arts tuition and co-curricular ensembles.

If your child is interested in taking up Private or group music lessons, parents will be required to complete a Performing Arts Enrolment Form and submit to Mrs Gillian Kowald at

At the beginning of the academic year, the Head of Sports and Activities will publish online a Primary Handbook and Senior Handbook. This will give extensive detail on the co-curricular program and the offerings made by the College and this team across the academic year. Details will also be shared regarding the coordinators in charge of all co-curricular offerings who become parents’ first port of call.

Information in relation to registration for all Sports and Activities will become available at the beginning of each term. Where possible we endeavour to accommodate as many students as possible. Some sports do require students to attend a trial in circumstances where there are limited places available for registration. To ensure the process is consistent and fair to all new and existing students, this information is forwarded to all parents in the first weeks of each term and notices placed on the College’s noticeboard located on the parent portal. If you require any further clarity or information, please send your inquiries to  to ensure we direct your questions to the appropriate staff.