Prep Welcome and Commencement Information

Primary Campus Precinct Map

To assist families to navigate around the campus, the College has created a Primary Precinct Map, outlining the location of all classrooms and areas of interest.

Orientation Day- Friday 25th January 2019

  • 8.00am- 9.00am – New families welcome presented by Mrs Karen Spiller – Gorman Lecture Theatre
  • 9:00am – 9:30am – Primary Teachers escort new parents and students to classrooms.
  • 9.30am -10.30am – Primary Parents JPConnect User session and demonstration -NMLC

Children should wear free dress on this day.


Prep Transition – Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th January 2019

Half of each Prep class will attend on Tuesday 29th January, the other half on Wednesday 30th January and all Prep students will attend Thursday and Friday as per normal school attendance. Families will be advised of their attendance day by email in early December. The school uniform is worn on these days, including black shoes as per the Uniform Guidelines. Please note, the Canteen (Tuckshop) will not be available to Prep children until Week Five.  This will enable class routines to be established.


Student Drop Off and Pick-Up

Parents and guardians of Primary School students are asked to use the Chatswood Road car park for student drop off and collection each day.  This car park has been specifically designed with student safety in mind and to ensure the traffic flows smoothly. Cars must park in an allocated parking space to drop off or pick up a student. Stopping to allow children to alight from, or climb into, vehicles places children in danger and is not permitted. The Chatswood Road and Markwell car parks will be extremely congested in the first weeks of Term One and your patience and adherence to road safety rules is sought.


Absentee Line                                                                                                            

Please phone 3826 3566 or 3826 3300 prior to 8.30am or use the online form in JPConnect (the link is accessed from the Essentials Tray) to notify of your son or daughter’s absence from school.  If your son or daughter will be late to school but not absent, we also ask that you call to advise the office by 8.15am so we know they are safe.


JPConnect and Parent Portal User Guide and Training Session – Friday 25th January 2019

To assist new parents navigating our Parent Portal we have developed a User Guide to our Parent Portal System JPConnect. The Parent Portal provides you with information relating to the daily school activities for your child/children, as well as important news and information from the College. On Friday 25th January there will be two demonstration sessions conducted by members of our staff outlining how JPconnect is best utilised for parents and families. We have also created a Video User Guide that parents can access at any time for further training or information.

Parents are encouraged to bring a mobile device (phone or tablet) to the training session to ensure that the SEQTA LEARN APP is downloaded and installed for ease of access to College notifications and student progress and routines.

To access the Parent Portal, a username and password is required.

From Wednesday 2nd January 2019, families should start receiving an email containing their username, password and details on how to access and top up their student/tuck shop accounts through the My Student Account (MSA) portal. It is important to ensure that the College has an active and correct email address for you on file as user accounts cannot be created without this field. Please check your “junk” email box as some devices may recognise these emails as spam. If you have not received your log in details by Friday 11th January please contact the Admissions Office on 3826 3415 or at


Cashless Canteen Usage

Your family ID number is also your username for the Cashless Canteen. Your initial login password is CanTeen followed by your parent ID number. This is a temporary password and will need to be reset once you have successfully logged on the first time (refer JPConnect User Guide).  Setup and access to the Cashless Canteen through MSA can be supported on the parent training day for JPConnect on Friday 25th January.

Tuck shop must be ordered online for Years Prep to Year Three students through the My Student Account (MSA) portal and students in Years Four to Twelve can access the tuck shop directly.


Vacation Care and Outside of Hours Care

We understand that some new students may not have access to their current Outside of School Hours Care provider once they have withdrawn. With this in mind, John Paul College allows Families of new students from Prep upwards to make use of the College Vacation Care Programme from 3rd December 2018. Attending our Programme will give your child the opportunity to start meeting new friends and familiarising themselves with the campus before their first official day. Kindergarten families wishing to utilise this programme will be able to enrol from Monday 7th January 2019.

If you are wishing to make use of the Vacation Care Programme at the College during the Christmas holidays, please contact Mrs Jan Marxsen, Head of OSHC on or on 3826 3361 for details.


Food Policy and Measures to Minimise Exposure to Confirmed Allergens

Please let the classroom teacher know if your child has any food allergies or dietary needs

  • Packaging and lunch bags should be easy to open.
  • Please do not send glass, tinned food or popper straw wrappers (Remove straw from wrapper before sending).
  • Ice bricks are encouraged in summer to keep food items fresh.
  • Lunches cannot be stored in the fridge or heated in the microwave due to supervision and health and safety requirements.
  • Children requiring fruit in smaller parts need to bring their fruit cut up and placed in a small container. We are unable to leave eating supervision to cut up or prepare fruit.
  • Please pack a spoon where necessary (eg. for yoghurts/ custards).
  • Water bottles filled with water are essential.

Risk Minimization Measures

We follow the recommendations of ASCIA Anaphylaxis Prevention Guidelines, as follows:

Food bans at schools are not recommended by allergy consumer organisations because there is the risk of complacency about avoidance strategies if a food is banned.

While they do not recommend blanket food bans, they do encourage staff and parents to consider children with severe allergies in our school planning. This involves removal of items with nut/s as an ingredient, but does not apply to those foods labelled ‘may contain traces of nuts’.

Risk minimization includes asking parents not to send nut spreads (e.g. peanut butter) on sandwiches.

On school camps, themed days or other special events where there are children with severe allergies, it is requested that foods containing nuts are not taken or supplied, consistent with our Risk Minimization Policy. (Reference: ASCIA Anaphylaxis Prevention Guidelines)

  • Please do not send in any nut products where nuts are the ingredient.
  • Please do not send in whole egg products (egg sandwiches, boiled eggs)


Performing Arts, Sports and Activities

As part of our holistic approach to education at John Paul College we offer a variety of extra-curricular activities to our students to participate in. These activities include Performing Arts, Sporting and various activities including (but not limited to) Art Club, Community Service Groups, debating, Coding and Robotics Clubs.

For students interested in Performing Arts auditions for new students to join various ensembles and groups will be offered in the first two weeks of Term One. Further information outlining these groups and dates of auditions will be forwarded to families at the commencement of term. Parents wishing to learn more about our Performing Arts Programmes are encouraged to contact their office on 3826 3383 to speak with a Programme Co-ordinator.

If your child is interested in taking up Private or group music lessons, parents will be required to complete a Performing Arts Enrolment Form and submit to Mrs Gillian Kowald at

Information in relation to registration for all Sports and Activities will become available at the beginning of each term. Some sports do require students to attend “try outs” in circumstances where there are limited places available for registration. To ensure that the process is consistent and fair to all new and existing student, this information is forwarded to all parents in the first weeks of each term and notices placed on the College’s noticeboard located on the parent portal. If you require any further clarity or information please send your inquiries to  to ensure we direct your questions to the appropriate staff.