Years Seven to Twelve Welcome and Commencement Information

Orientation – Friday 24 January 2020 (NEW STUDENTS TO JPC ONLY)

Families with new students in Years Seven to Ten will be required to attend the Notebook Collection and Orientation session scheduled for Friday 24 January from 8.00am to 11.30pm. The day will be conducted in two sessions, with half of our new students attending each session and then swapping for the second session:

Session One will include notebook allocation and training (please note allocated time below)

Session Two will include an introduction by the Head of School, Dean of Studies and Dean of Academic Welfare. Students will then be shown around the campus in small groups. They will visit the classrooms where their specific subject classes will be. Students will also be shown where the offices are for their Head of Year, Heads of Faculty, Main Administration and counsellors and where they are to go on the first morning of school, Tuesday 29 January. The notebook allocation schedule is below:

  • 8.00am – 8.50am: New families welcome with Mrs Karen Spiller (Gorman Lecture Theatre) and JPConnect Basic Information Session
  • 8.55am – 9.25am: Secondary specific JPConnect Session
  • 9.30am – 10.30am: Session One – Years Seven to Ten
  • 10.30am – 12.30am: Session Two – Years Seven to Ten

Before notebook allocations are finalised, parents will be required to read the Parent Notebook Agreement and return the signed Agreement Document to Techsphere. This document will give you an opportunity to read the requirements and policies relating to the John Paul College notebook program before attending the College to collect a notebook computer. A Student Declaration will be completed by your child via an electronic copy online at the time he or she picks up the notebook computer.

Parents will be required to read the Parent Notebook Agreement and return the signed Agreement Document to Techsphere upon collection of notebook.

Any students that are unable to attend these sessions will collect their notebooks and complete the training on their first day. The students class teachers will facilitate this process on the day and ensure that all students attend.


Subject Selections

Students in Years Seven to Ten are required to submit their Secondary Subject Selection Forms to the Admissions Team at their earliest convenience. If you have not completed your selections please complete the related form below and submit to the Admissions Team at

  • Year Seven to Year Twelve Stationery Orders can be found here.

Subject Changes

Should your son or daughter wish to pursue a subject change, a form will need to be collected from the Gorman Centre Reception. This form must be signed by a parent and will be considered in the first two weeks of Term One. It is important to understand that subject changes can only be made where places are available in the requested classes. The timetable was designed around the original subject selections your son or daughter requested.

First Day Requirements – Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Years Seven to Twelve students will commence school at 8.20am with a roll call in their Academic Welfare classrooms.  Students in Year Seven, are to go to the Wesley area where they will meet their Academic Welfare Mentor and be taken to their new classroom. Timetables for all existing students will be available from Monday 13 January on the JPConnect Student Portal.

Blazers are required to be worn on the first day of school.  Any student, who is without their blazer due to it being embroidered, or not supplied will need to have a note from their parent or guardian. Blazers that were sent away for embroidery are expected to be available for collection on Tuesday 28 January 2020.  We will further advise parents and students if there are any changes to this process.

Students are required to wear their formal uniform on the first day of term, this includes school ties for boys. Girls in Year Ten, Eleven and Twelve do not need to wear stockings and boys are not required to wear long pants. Should any student have difficulty obtaining uniform items in time for the first day, we would ask the student to advise their Academic Welfare Teacher with a letter from the parent or guardian with regard to this. Normal summer uniform for Term One (no ties for boys) can be worn from Wednesday.

Many students have been asked to be ‘buddies’ for new students to John Paul College. If you are going to be a buddy, please come to the Gorman Lecture Theatre at 8.20am to meet the new students. There you will be given instructions and then meet the new students at 8.30am. At this point, buddies will take new students to their Academic Welfare Class.

Year Eight – Twelve students will remain in their Academic Welfare Classes until 10.50am when the first teaching period will begin. After morning tea, at 11.25am these students will start their timetabled classes.

Year Seven students will remain in their Academic Welfare classes until) 1:05pm when they will have lunch. After lunch, Year Seven students will go to their first academic class.

 The timetable for Day One will be as follows:

Year Seven Years Eight to Twelve  Times
Academic Welfare Academic Welfare 8:20-10:00 100 min
Academic Welfare Lesson 1 10:00-10:50 50 min
Morning Tea Morning Tea 10:50-11:25 35 min
Academic Welfare Lesson 2 11:25-12:15 50 min
Academic Welfare Lesson 4 12:15-1:05 50 min
Lunch Lunch 1:05-1:40 35 min
Lesson 5 Lesson 5 1:40-2:30 50 min
Lesson 6 Lesson 6 2:30-3:20 50 min

Important Information

Please take the time to read the below links for updated information on the following items:

Student Drop Off and Pick-Up

Parents and guardians of Years Seven-Twelve students are asked to use the Markwell car park for student drop off and collection each day. Markwell car park has been specifically designed with the older students in mind and to ensure the traffic flows smoothly. Please do not use the entrance to the main driveway as a pickup and drop off point. Students are not to use the main driveway to exit the school grounds after school unless going to the bus stop or crossing the street at the lights. The Primary School and Mayflower car parks will be extremely congested in the first weeks of Term One, so it would be appreciated if you could avoid these areas unless you are collecting Primary School students. Chatswood Road and John Paul Drive will also be heavily congested with local school traffic, so please be patient to keep all of our College community safe. Please do not double park or park illegally and remember 40 km/hr in school zones. There will be a Police presence around the area monitoring traffic and street parking.

Student Drivers

NO student in the Senior School is to drive to school on the FIRST DAY of Term One. This includes students who had permission to drive in 2019.  All students wishing to drive to school in 2020 must apply to do so. The 2020 application form will be available from Gorman Reception and must be completed and signed by parents prior to permission being granted.

Students, who had permission to drive in 2019, must bring their Driver’s Licence to their Head of Year to be photocopied and advise if there have been any changes to vehicle or registration numbers.

The expectations and rules for student drivers are clearly stated on the application form.
No student is to drive to or from school until they have received approval from the relevant Head of Year.  No student is permitted to carry passengers without prior permission received from the parents of both parties (the driver and the passenger).  Driving privileges will be revoked if safe driving expectations are not met.

Calendar of Events and School Contacts

It is recommended that Parents and Students utilise the John Paul College Calendar of Events, located on the Parent/Student Portal on JPConnect. This will ensure that families are kept up to date with upcoming events and any date changes that have occurred.

A full list of staff contacts is also available via the JPConnect Parent portal .

Absentee Line 

To ensure our students are safe please phone 3826 3566 (Absentee Line) prior to 8.10am to report an absence or use the online absentee form to notify of your son or daughter’s absence from school by logging into JPConnect, clicking on Family Management and then clicking on 05 Absentee Form from the menu on the left. Do this for each child and click send after each form is completed.

If your son or daughter will be late to school but not absent, we also ask that you call, send an email or use the online option to advise the office by 8.30am, so we know they are safe. If you are not using the previous options, a written note confirming why they were late should be handed in at the appropriate school office when they arrive to be signed in before proceeding to class.

All students must sign in and out when entering or leaving the College grounds for whatever reason, whether it be due to running late, an appointment or early departure. Parents are required to notify the College by any of the above means and the student is to check-in or out at any admin office to confirm.

Emergency contact information

Please be reminded it is essential that we have your current contact details in case of any emergency or situation that may occur while your student is in our care. You can update this information through JPconnect.

We hope you will enjoy the commencement of the term with all the calendar events and opportunities available. If you have any queries please make contact and we will be happy to assist.