Secondary School Welcome and Commencement Information Term Four

Subject Selections

Students in Year Seven to Year Twelve are required to submit their Secondary Subject Selection Forms to the Admissions Team no later than Friday 27 October 2019. If you have not completed your selections please contact the Admissions Team at

JPConnect and Parent InfoHub User Guide

To assist new parents navigating our Parent InfoHub we have developed an easy to use User Guide. The Parent InfoHub provides you with information relating to the daily school activities for your child/children, as well as important news and information from the College.

To access the Parent InfoHub, a username and password is required. You can also access the InfoHub via the SEQTA ENGAGE APP on all iOS and Andriod devices. To learn more about the APP please refer to our JPC Parent Engage APP Connection information form.

From Tuesday 1 October 2019, new families should start receiving an electronic email containing their username, password and details on how to access and top up their student/tuck shop accounts. It is important to ensure that the College has an active and correct email address for you on file as user accounts cannot be created without this field. Please check your “junk” email box as some devices may recognise these emails as spam. If you have not received your log in details by Friday 4 October please contact the Admissions Team on 3826 3415 for further assistance.

Cashless Canteen Usage

Your family ID number is also your username for the Cashless Canteen. Your initial login password is CanTeen followed by your parent ID number. This is a temporary password and will need to be reset once you have successfully logged on the first time (refer JPConnect User Guide).

Tuck shop must be ordered online for Years Prep to Year Three students through the My Student Account (MSA) portal and students in Years Four to Twelve can access the tuck shop directly.

First Day Requirements – Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Secondary School students are required to meet the Admissions Manager at the Main Administration Building at 8.00am. Students will be issued with their timetables, have their ID photo taken and be introduced to their Head of Year and buddy. Students will then be escorted to their Academic Welfare class for roll call at 8.20am.

Blazers are required to be worn on the first day of school. Any student, who is without their blazer will need to have a note from their parent or guardian.

Students are required to wear their formal uniform on the first day of term, this includes school ties for boys. Girls in Year Ten, Eleven and Twelve do not need to wear stockings and boys are not required to wear long pants. Should any student have difficulty obtaining uniform items in time for the first day, we would ask the student to advise their Academic Welfare Teacher with a letter from the parent or guardian with regard to this.

 The timetable for each day will be as follows:

Secondary School Times
Academic Welfare 8:20-8.30 10 min
Lesson 1 8:30-9:30 60 min
Lesson 2 9.30-10.30 60 min
Morning Tea 10.30-11.05 35 min
Lesson 3 11.05-11.45 40 min
Lesson 4 11.45-12:45 60 min
Lunch 12.45-1.20 35 min
Lesson 5 1.20-2:20 60 min
Lesson 6 2.20-3.20 60 min

Uniform and Personal Appearance

We remind all parents and students that personal appearance should reflect the conservative, professional nature of the College. High standards of dress and personal appearance are important at all times and expectations in regard to appearance and dress standards remain the same.  More information is available in the Parent Information Handbook. Students’ hairstyles or hair treatment should be neat, sensible and conservative in nature.  Bleached, tipped or highlighted hair is not part of our uniform, as is the use of substances such as gel, mousse or wax.  Make-up is similarly not part of our uniform.  To ensure College standards are being met, we seek the support of all parents in ensuring students arrive at school in correct uniform. A reminder that “Mary Jane” style shoes are not part of our uniform.

Student Drop Off and Pick-Up

Parents and guardians of Years Seven-Twelve students are asked to use the Markwell car park for student drop off and collection each day. Markwell car park has been specifically designed with the older students in mind and to ensure the traffic flows smoothly. Please do not use the entrance to the main driveway as a pick up and drop off point. Students are not to use the main driveway to exit the school grounds after school, unless going to the bus stop or crossing the street at the lights. The Primary School and Mayflower car parks will be extremely congested in the first weeks of Term One, so it would be appreciated if you could avoid these areas unless you are collecting Primary School students. Chatswood Road and John Paul Drive will also be heavily congested with local school traffic, so please be patient to keep all of our College community safe. Please do not double park or park illegally and remember 40 km/hr in school zones. There will be a Police presence around the area monitoring traffic and street parking.

Permission for Excursions & Bus Travel For 2019

All parents are required to complete the online permission form which gives consent for your son or daughter to participate in the wide variety of excursions and school events held during the school year.  All excursion fees are included and itemised in your term school fee accounts.  The permission form must be completed on JPConnect by the end of your second week to ensure your child can participate in College events. An additional form may be required for completion during the school year for various excursion activities.

The Online permission form can be found by logging into JPConnect, clicking on Welcome, selecting the purple Family Management Tab and then clicking on 06 Excursion Permission from the menu. Do this for each child and click send after each form is completed.

Absentee Line 

To ensure our students are safe please phone 3826 3566 (Absentee Line) prior to 8.10am or use the online form in JPConnect (the link is accessed from either the TRENDING Tab (along the top of the page) or under the Family Management Tab to notify of your son or daughter’s absence from school.  If your son or daughter will be late to school but not absent, we also ask that you call, send an email or use the online option to advise the office by 8.30am, so we know they are safe. If you are not using the previous options, a written note confirming why they were late should be handed in at the appropriate school office when they arrive to be signed in before proceeding to class.

All students must sign in and out when entering or leaving the College grounds for whatever reason, whether it be due to running late, an appointment or early departure. Parents are required to notify the College by any of the above means and the student is to check in or out at any admin office to confirm.

Student Drivers

All students wishing to drive to school must apply to do so. The application form is available from Gorman Reception and must be completed and signed by parents prior to permission being granted.

Students must bring their Driver’s Licence to the relevant Head of Year to be recorded.

The expectations and rules for student drivers are clearly stated on the application form.

No student is to drive to or from school until they have received approval from the relevant Head of Year.  No student is permitted to carry passengers without prior permission received from the parents of both parties (the driver and the passenger).  Driving privileges will be revoked if safe driving expectations are not met.

Calendar of Events and School Contacts

It is recommended that Parents and Students utilise the John Paul College Calendar of Events, located on the Parent/Student Portal on JPConnect. This will ensure that families are kept up to date with upcoming events and any date changes that have occurred. A full list of staff contacts is also be available via the JPConnect

Performing Arts, Sports and Activities

As part of our holistic approach to education at John Paul College we offer a variety of extra-curricular activities to our students to participate in. These activities include Performing Arts, Sporting and various activities including (but not limited to) Art Club, Community Service Groups, Debating, Coding and Robotics Clubs.

For students interested in Performing Arts and ensemble auditions, parents are encouraged to contact the School of Performing Arts office on 3826 3383 to speak with a Program Co-ordinator.

If your child is interested in taking up Private or group music lessons, parents will be required to complete a Performing Arts Enrolment Form and submit to Mrs Gillian Kowald at

Information in relation to registration for all Sports and Activities will become available at the beginning of each term. Some sports do require students to attend “try outs” in circumstances where there are limited places available for registration. To ensure that the process is consistent and fair to all new and existing students, this information is forwarded to all parents in the first weeks of each term and notices placed on the College’s noticeboard located on the parent InfoHub. If you require any further clarity or information please send your enquiries to  to ensure we direct your questions to the appropriate staff.

John Paul College Bus Routes

For the safety of our students, John Paul College offers a number of different private bus routes around the community for our students in Year Four to Twelve. Students that are of a younger age and wishing to utilise this service will need to contact the Head of Primary School so the College can ensure that absolute safety is ensured for these students.

To reduce the expense for families our bus system is not a door to door service, however they navigate a route that is set out by the College based on feedback we received through our Bus Route Expression of Interest forms. While we cannot guarantee a route in your area we strive to assist as many families as possible by using feedback from this form to alter or change routes each year.

To ensure a convenient service to families our buses are paid for through the use of a Translink card, fares are subsidised by the College and utilise council bus stops for pick ups and drop offs. Students only pay for what they use and bookings are not needed to secure a seat on any of our routes. For more information about our routes, please access our full listing on our Transport page

Emergency contact information

Please be reminded it is essential that we have your current contact details in case of any emergency or situation that may occur while your student is in our care. You can update this information through JP Connect, Family Management, Update details.