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Schools at JPC


    ​​JPC Makes a Difference 

    T​​here is a deep sense of pride in wearing the burgundy and blue for all who are part of the John Paul College (JPC) Family. Built by the community for the community, our values are defined in ​our school motto Unity | Christ | Learning, and remain as strong today as they were when we first opened in 1982.

    Located 20 minutes south of Brisbane's CBD, the JPC campus features extensive natural bushland and modern facilities to support a cutting-edge technology program and wide-ranging cultural and sporting opportunities. JPC's close proximity to the CBD ensures convenient and local bus routes are available in your local area for students.

    JPC delivers a contemporary co-educational curriculum grounded in traditional values from Early Learning to Year Twelve. Our students are at the heart of all we do, and this is reflected in our purpose: ​

    To Educate, To Inspire, To Make a Difference.

    We know that being prepared for the future - setting goals, choosing a pathway, overcoming obstacles and conquering challenges - gives your child a head start for their life ahead. JPC presents your child with the ultimate preparation for that future, for the pursuit of their future ​self. We are proud to help prepare our students for their personal quest to change the world, to make a difference.

    Our learning community provides your family with the opportunity to reach their individual potential for living a contributing and fulfilling life, one where Christian Ec​umenism is foundational, where our values are embraced, where mutual respect demands a hospitality that reaches out and welcomes people of all cultures and faiths, and where excellence in every endeavour is sought and applauded.

    To help you realise your child's goals, we offer a wide range of subjects and VET pathways to explore. We continually strive to tailor an individual journey for each one of our students with the delivery of our Academic Welfare programs which support and aid students in all aspects of their social, academic and co-curricular journeys.